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Easily connect study-controlled or participant devices. Generate custom data to keep track of groups. All secure and de-identified.


Distribute devices to study participants. Link to hubs, mobile or desktop apps for continuous syncing.


Device data streams directly to Flexi's DataHub. Use our web platform to view device health and sync times and stay on top of participant compliance. View data and explore real-time trends.


Export data from individual participants or create custom batch exports for groups or your whole study. Download CSV files for daily, hourly and minute-level data

Innovative Solutions

We’re here to help you use mobile health tools to measure, track, and engage your research participants. With Flexi you can:

Monitor your participants
in real-time.

Access easily exportable
data for analysis.

Trust in our secure infrastructure
to store your sensitive data

Our Mission

Our mission at Flexi is to enable researchers to use the latest tools, devices, and apps to further our collective knowledge. We’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible for researchers to deploy the “new tools of wellness” to measure, track, and engage their participants..
A Little Of Our Story

We were simply born to engineer solutions to solve health problems

From the late 90's it was evident that digital was going to play a major part in peoples lives, we understood very early on that health innovation was going to play a role in helping nations become healthier and our love for data collaboration was born...

Health Participation Increase
The Difference

Health Data + Automation = Health AI

Your Participants. Your Data. Your Platform

Our web-based platform makes it simple, it allows you to better understand your participants, monitors their behaviour, and access the data that's important to your programs success.

Collecting Data

We help work with you to create new digital experiences for users to engage with their health data.

Watch the magic happen

With the use of engagement tools, you will see your participants engage with your platform in a fun and interesting way which develops long-lasting behavioural change.

Enjoy your increased insight

With the wealth of data, you can build insights and analytics with structured clinical and wellness data that your white labelled platform collects.

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